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10 Small Home Improvement Projects That Make a Big Impact

by Pedal To Properties

Whether you're looking to fix up your house or condo before selling it or simply want a fresher, more modern look, these tips can help you seal the deal. From the bathroom to the bedroom, there are little things that can add the "wow" factor without costing a fortune.


Here's how to take your home from dull to shiny on the cheap.


diy home improvement projects
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Spruce Up the Kitchen.

If you're selling your home, the kitchen is key. Who doesn't want a kitchen straight out of a magazine? Unfortunately, kitchen-focused home improvements are often associated with dollar signs -- and lots of them. But don't despair. Some inexpensive do-it-yourself home improvements include updating cabinet and drawer handles, changing light fixtures, and installing a backsplash. You can also give cabinets a facelift by replacing, re-staining, or painting the door and drawer fronts.




Modernize the Bathrooms.

Replacing the toilet seat; switching out the sink and bathtub handles; replacing broken tiles; and deep cleaning, bleaching, or re-grouting the bathtub tile are the little fixes that easily spruce up a bathroom. If your DIY remodeling schemes veer toward the adventurous, there are several ways to give new life to an old bathroom. A pedestal sink won't cost a fortune and can instantly take your bathroom from bleak to chic. If the floor is a problem, change it up with vinyl over the old floor. For small bathrooms, add some depth by painting an accent wall and then going over it in a lighter color with a stenciled pattern -- an instant modern twist.



Freshen Up the Flooring.

The floors throughout your home are also candidates for simple freshen-up projects. For carpet, rent a carpet cleaner at any home improvement store (or some grocery stores) for about $30 a day. All it takes is a 24-hour period to give carpets in an average-size home a good scrub and make them look new again. While working on that bathroom floor, you might as well replace the worn-out kitchen floor and entryway; low-cost vinyl will do nicely. Additionally, place an area rug atop a hardwood floor to cover blemishes while also adding color and texture.



Clean the Walls.

One of the easiest value-added and most affordable home improvement projects is painting a room -- or several. All you need is can of paint, a brush or two, some tape and drop cloths, plus a few hours of manual labor. For very little cost, the room will look fresh and bright.



Replace Light Switches, Plates, and Socket Covers.

You may not have noticed, but chances are the light switches, plates, and electric socket covers dotting the walls are getting yellowed and beat up. Replacing them all is an easy fix that gives bang for your buck. Buying matching switches and covers will give your home a coordinated and dignified look. See what a difference this low-cost change makes.

Redo Light Fixtures.

Lighting is a big deal in a home. Most potential buyers want space that is flooded with more than adequate light. Cleaning the fixtures allows more light to shine through, while painting old fixtures brightens the look (spray paint works best). If there's room in your budget, replacing mismatched light fixtures is always a good investment.



Attend to the Windows.

Make the most out of available natural light with windows that are sparkling clean inside and out. The same goes for mini-blinds, which might be worth buying and hanging if the current window coverings are dated. Alternatively, new curtains add a homey touch to any room and don't have to cost a fortune. If you're good with a sewing machine, whipping out a set or two will save you a few dollars.

Make the Doors Stand Out.

Doors quickly accumulate handprints and smudges. Clean or paint room doors and closet doors, and pay special attention to the main entrance doors, which make a big first impression on potential buyers and guests. You can also update doors by replacing squeaky hinges and installing new doorknobs.



Rearrange and Declutter.

One critical way to make your home shine is to keep it free of clutter. An organized home means that everything has a place and finds its way there daily. A lack of clutter enhances the beauty of the house and imparts a general sense of calm and well-being. Once the clutter is cleared away, try rearranging the furniture. Spend an afternoon experimenting with the layout to see what looks best and suits usage and traffic flow.



Add Accents.

While a neutral color scheme on the walls is a no-fail way to market a house, pops of color give it life. Small things such as couch pillows, wall hangings, mantel decorations, and the like add inexpensive splashes of character that make your home memorable.

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5th Grade classroom visits Pedal To Properties!

by Pedal To Properties

Thank you to Mrs. Shea –Bower and her 5th grade class at Crestview Elementary for visiting us at Pedal To Properties. Mr. Tim Shea, Owner of Pedal To Properties and entrepreneur was there to answer questions and provide insight on their study of “Financial Literacy”. Each student also received a “Pedal to Properties Bike Bell" to take home. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Safety app designed for students now marketed to real estate agents

by Pedal To Properties

In recognition of the risks that many real estate agents face on the job, the provider of a safety app originally designed for university students has begun marketing the product to real estate agents.

Adoption of SafeTrek, which features a panic button that can alert local authorities of emergencies, skyrocketed in the wake of the high-profile murder of a real state agent in Arkansas, according to Zach Winkler, co-founder of SafeTrek.

“I am a Realtor and this gives me some assurance when looking at investment properties for my clients,” reads a review of SafeTrek from Apple’s app store. “It’s a help for looking at the short sale or foreclosed homes that I don’t necessarily feel 100 percent safe going into alone.”

Available for iPhone and Android devices, SafeTrek’s appeal rests largely on its ease of use.

A person holds their thumb down on a “safe button” when they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation, and then takes one of two actions:

They can release their thumb and enter their four-digit passcode to disarm the app’s alarm.

Or they can release their thumb and not enter their passcode. Taking the second action triggers an alert to a call center that then texts and calls the user, and prompts the local police department to dispatch a car to the user’s location.

The call center pinpoints a user’s location down to a five-meter spatial resolution, and sends that information, along with user’s personal information, to local authorities.

The app’s downloads by real estate agents spiked in the wake of the kidnapping and murder of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter in September of last year, said Winkler.

That’s led SafeTrek to market the app to real estate agents. The app now has a webpage dedicated to real estate agents with the title “Realtor Safety. Made Easy.”

Over 200,000 people have downloaded SafeTrek, and a “significant amount” of them are real estate agents, according to Winkler.

“When the Arkansas incident happened with the real estate agent, we saw a massive influx of downloads from real estate agents,” he said. “We didn’t understand the market; didn’t know agents had safety problem. We do now.”

SafeTrek is in talks with Keller Williams about adding the real estate company to its affiliate program. An organization part of SafeTrek’s affiliate program earns 10 percent of every payment made by a user referred by the affiliate.

SafeTrek’s creators originally developed the app to help students at the University of Missouri stay safe in the wake of reports of sexual assault and robberies around campus.

Other apps designed to help agents reduce safety risks include Verify Photo ID, Agent.Watch and Secure Show.

While a safety app may provide a layer of protection to real estate agents, some industry reformers say agents should avoid putting themselves in risky situations in the first place, and have called for stricter procedures for vetting potential clients before showings.

The problem is that “we accept as normative the idea that any agent should even entertain the idea of meeting a client at a property without first meeting at the brokerage office or facilitating some sort of initial screening,” wrote Dylan de Bruin, who created the “Realtor Safety Pledge” with Joe Schafbuch, broker-owners of 90-agent firm Century 21 Signature Real Estate in central Iowa.

Industry voices championing agent safety have also said that helping agents avoid dangerous encounters requires resetting consumers’ expectations of real estate agents.\

Women's USA Pro Challenge comes to Colorado

by Pedal To Properties

We are VERY excited to officially announce the inaugural Women's USA Pro Challenge!

The three-day event is sanctioned by USA Cycling and will kick off in Breck...enridge on August 21st , head to Fort Collins on August 22nd, and conclude in Golden on August 23rd, prior to the start of the last day of racing for the USA Pro Challenge.

It is the first time since 1988 that some of the best men and women in the world will be sharing courses at a major, international stage race in Colorado.

Read the full press release here:…/womens-usa-pro-challenge

Transforming Boulder's Civic Area Park

by Pedal To Properties

Boulder launching free public Wi-Fi in downtown Civic Area on April 7

by Pedal To Properties

Free public Wi-Fi

Boulder is in the process of installing a public wireless Internet access system in the Civic Area, roughly between the Boulder Main Public Library and 13th Street, between Arapahoe Avenue and Canyon Boulevard. More....

Don’t Sink Money Into the Wrong Home Upgrades

by Pedal To Properties

wrong home upgrades

If you’re considering home improvements—or even just adding a few extra touches to freshen up the place—don’t rush the process. A plan is key for any successful remodeling job.

You don’t want to pay for impractical or expensive home improvements that are out of style by the time you have to hang a “For Sale” sign in the yard.

Instead, look for smart, traditional and fashionable upgrades to provide value and aesthetic beauty for years to come.

While you’re looking for upgrades, consider these following tips for remodeling.


  • Spacious kitchens with abundant natural light make cooking a pleasure, not a chore.
  • Light-colored kitchens can create an illusion of a bigger space.
  • Adding a skylight is another way of creating a spacious feel.
  • Multiple storage shelves and cabinets plus an extra sink will reduce counter clutter.
  • Built-in microwaves, dishwashers, six-burner ranges and convection ovens are great for utility and convenience.
  • An island range with bar stools promotes an inviting, social atmosphere.


  • Two-bath homes, plus a master bathroom, are optimal.
  • Many home buyers see high-end items like whirlpools, Jacuzzis, steam and jet showers, double shower heads and hand-held sprayers as essentials.
  • Large storage cabinets, freestanding or built-in, are great.
  • Avoid all-white bathrooms—splashes of color reduce the sterile feeling.
  • Bigger is better. Tiny bathrooms are out.  


Hardwood flooring increases resale value, so keep hardwood floors in top shape by refinishing them. As an alternative, laminate flooring is typically cheaper than hardwood and a nice upgrade from carpet.

Ceiling Fans

Try to install ceiling fans that make use of a remote control. This will allow you to change speeds without getting up.

High-End Home Amenities

  • Specialty rooms like media rooms, wine cellars, workout rooms and children’s playrooms can boost resale value and personalize a home.
  • Outdoor fireplaces, patio heaters, electronic insect control devices, decks and fountains are popular.
  • Outdoor kitchens can boost resale value.
  • If you live in a hot climate, an in-ground swimming pool can increase your home’s value. However, buyers in more more seasonal climates may see pools as an inconvenience. Ask a REALTOR® to see whether pools are popular in your area.

Additional Research Tips

  • Attend home improvement shows.
  • Consult with home designers, building contractors and handymen. Ask a REALTOR® for trusted references.

Updated from an earlier version by Deena Weinberg.


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