No question there is a lot to see while you are in Colorado. While you might be taken with the eclectic mix of culture, history and science in Boulder, don’t miss an opportunity to visit four worthy day trips.

The first day trip to consider is Denver. Denver, Colorado is the capital of the state and has an altitude of 5,280 feet, earning it the distinction of the “Mile High City.” Denver’s offerings are very diverse, from entertainment venues to parks to museums. Over 20,000 acres of land is here and the housing of Denver is very diverse. Popular historical or cultural sites in the area include the Denver Art Museum, the U.S. and the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

Golden, Colorado is the most “western town” among the bunch. Here you can find some interesting museums like the Colorado Railroad Museum and the famous Coors Brewery Tour, which is the largest brewery (single site) in the world. The Clear Creek Whitewater Park provides plenty of water sports, not to mention a mean old “Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave site.”

Colorado Springs boasts some very scenic routes and attractions. The Colorado Pioneers Museum shows historical exhibits while the Garden of the Gods is a rock garden with million year old sandstone formations. Even the United States Olympic Complex is oversized—a fitness center with an enormous pool, 5 gyms and a shooting gallery.

Lastly, there is Rocky Mountain National Park. This park offers guests the chance to observe wildlife, avian life and drive or walk around wilderness. There are six visitor centers in the park and over 200 streams and lakes. Camping is allowed on certain grounds as is bicycling around the park. Rock-climbing and hiking is also encouraged. Skiing is popular in the wintertime and notable locations include Glacier Basic Campground, Black Lake and Wild Basin Trailhead.

You may plan your vacation around Boulder, but don’t forget to a do quick run through of these day trip locations!