Owning a home IS part of "The American Dream"!  Then, the tax bill arrives...

This year marks the 12th year in our current home.  I remember getting our very first tax bill and not knowing what to think or do.  Thankfully the mortgage company was handling it!  Today I am grateful to be a homeowner and take full advantage of all the tax incentives allowed.  Owning a home has so many rewards!

With the 2011 Boulder County property tax bills arriving in the mail this week, I thought I would share some good news:

  • You can deduct many home related expenses on your personal taxes including:
    • Mortgage Interest (on up to $1M home mortgage debt on a 1st or 2nd home)
    • Interest on Home Equity Debt (on up to $100,000 of home equity debt)
    • Real Estate Taxes - The bill that you just received!

For more detailed information on your Boulder county property taxes, check out:


That's all for now,

Laurie Kolb, The Kolb Team